“Golf gave me wisdom and took me all over the world. It gave me a sense of well-being and made me feel at ease in life.” – Seve Ballesteros

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Learn English through playing golf

Love golf?

Looking to improve your English?

Why not do both at the same time?

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England Experience

Travel to England with native speakers on an organised trip and practise your English while playing The Forest of Arden, home to numerous European Tour events and The Belfry, the iconic venue which has hosted the Ryder Cup four times and more than anywhere else

Ryder Cup Circuit

Improve your conversational English while playing a Ryder Cup style tournament against 12 native English speakers in and around Madrid

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Improve your conversational English while playing tournaments with a native English speaker in each group in and around Madrid

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Private Rounds

Play a private round and improve your conversational English with a keen low handicap golfer and English teacher with over ten years of experience

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Corporate days

Forge deeper connections, break departmental barriers, and get to know workers out of the office, all while improving your English

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Family days

Create a sense of community among workers through shared experiences, and build deeper bonds between the company and its workforce, all while practising your English

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Play golf and engage fully with the language, practise essential conversation skills, and become more proficient, all while having fun

On a GolfInEnglish experience you can expect to:
  • Practise conversational English with native speakers in everyday situations, increasing confidence, understanding and fluency
  • Have fun while enhancing a skill that is vital for all aspects of modern life
  • Lose the feeling of anxiety and nervousness when speaking in English
  • Become part of a community that cares about improving language skills in the most natural way possible
  • Play a sport we all share a passion for

Everyone is invited

A GolfInEnglish experience is a great place for:

  • Children and students in general to practise English out of the class room and use the language in a natural, every day environment
  • Business people looking to improve their conversation, team-building and networking skills, and to practise English with a range of native speakers from different backgrounds
  • People seeking an intensive exposure to English with a need to improve quickly
  • Anyone looking to improve their golf related English
  • Anyone looking to meet new people and improve their English as a hobby
  • Anyone looking to go on a golf trip and experience an event where every detail is looked after

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“You can always become better.” –Tiger Woods

“If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his own language, that goes to his heart.” – Nelson Mandela

“Golf gave me wisdom and took me all over the world. It gave me a sense of well-being and made me feel at ease in life.” – Seve Ballesteros