shallow focus photography of woman playing golf
At GolfInEnglish we strive to connect people who love golf and who also want to improve their English

We fully believe that people, children or adults, learn better when doing something they love. Which is why we want to offer unique immersions into the English language through the medium of golf.

We want to create a community where people can come together to play a sport they love and are also inspired to practise and improve their English, a skill that is so vital in the 21st century.

Golf offers the possibility to combine playing sport with hours of conversation, time that can be used to speak in English about anything- from work to the weather.

At GolfInEnglish we have created the perfect experiences to do just that.

These experiences will be led by a golf lover and native English teacher with more than ten years of experience in English teaching in companies such as Mapfre, and with children, while also doing intensive courses in Spain and the UK for both companies and private groups.

On the course each group will include native speakers who will interact in English with the participants throughout the round. The time off the course will also be spent with native speakers, giving participants more opportunities to perfect their English skills in different environments.

Our motto is Learn Through Play not because we think learning should be simple or childlike. We believe that learning is improved when participants are enthusiastic, motivated and do something they love. A grammar book or classes can only teach so much. A language needs to be practised, confidence needs to be gained, shyness needs to be lost. The improvements in self-assurance, fluency and understanding will be incredible and we can guarantee that the experience will be unforgettable. 

The golf is serious, and the competition fierce. The tournaments and events are organised with quality in mind, because we also understand that participants want to play and enjoy a quality golf tournament or trip, planned and prepared to the last detail, so all the players have to do is enjoy their golf and speak in English- learning while playing.