Our GolfInEnglish children’s experiences offer youngsters the chance to actually enjoy practising English. Golf provides them with the perfect environment to subconsciously forget they are learning, which enables them to engage fully with the language, practise essential conversation skills more freely, and therefore become more proficient.

Participants will play 18 holes at a course in Madrid and practise English one to one or in a group of four with a native speaker with over ten years of experience teaching English to children, and who is also a keen low-handicap golfer.

By the end of the experience participants will feel more assured speaking and listening in English, having also enjoyed a fantastic round of golf.

This is an intensive English experience and the perfect opportunity for people looking to practise something that is usually done in a class room.

Participants in this unique experience will obtain:

  • The chance to converse for 6 hours in English with a native speaker and keen golfer with over ten years of experience teaching English to children
  • More confidence when speaking
  • A better understanding of the language through increased exposure
  • Curiosity and an interest to learn more
  • Feedback after the round on how English level can be improved and an action plan on how to do so


Green fee included for both native and player

199€ – 1 player 

299€ – 2 players 

399€ – 3 players 

Special offers

5% discount for bookings of 5 rounds 

10% discount for bookings of 10 rounds 

These vouchers are ideal for parents looking for an intensive English experience for their children in summer